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Brandon Presley announces run for Governor of Mississippi

Brandon Presley, architect in getting high speed internet brought to rural Mississippi as Public Service Commissioner, is running for Governor.

He made the announcement on social media this morning.

See announcement below:

Mississippi deserves leaders who are focused on fighting for our families, children, and workers rather than themselves and their rich friends. We deserve leaders who will never forget where they came from or who put them in office.

It’s time to fight corruption, not embrace it. It’s time to finally focus on the future, not on the past. And it’s time to lead with strength, courage and a real backbone.

That’s why I’m running for Governor of Mississippi.

2 thoughts on “Brandon Presley announces run for Governor of Mississippi

  • Sharon Mason

    Brandon Presley did not & apparently could not help us with getting natural gas (that was already on our road) extended 2/10th of a mile further down the road to our house. I will never vote for him as governor! If he is not capable of getting the gas line extended, he is not capable of being governor of MS.

  • Brandon Presley has been a strong voice for consumers and small businesses, working to protect them from unfair business practices and advocating for policies that support their growth and success. He has also been a champion for environmental protection, working to promote sustainable energy and reduce the state’s dependence on fossil fuels.


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