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Olds announces AFL-CIO endorsement and his “Invest in the People” platform

The Committee to elect David Olds Democratic Candidate for State Representative House District 24 has announced that Olds has received the endorsement from the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). 

“The Mississippi AFL-CIO and our affiliated unions believe in standing with our members, community, and political leaders who help working families,” said Michael Hodges, AFL-CIO State Campaign Director. “Our dedication to Mississippi will not waver when it comes to laws that protect workers and their families. Mississippi needs political leaders who will stand with us, and our community. We firmly believe David Olds will help us create a better future for our community.” 

This endorsement complements Candidate Olds’ “Invest in the People” Platform. The platform consists of investing in the talents of the people of Mississippi and giving them opportunities for a better quality of life. 

“I believe in investments that offer a high rate of return,” Olds said. “Nothing is more important nor offers a higher rate of return than investing in the people of DeSoto County and of Mississippi.”

Olds revealed his “Invest in the People” platform is based on healthcare, public education, infrastructure, ballot initiative and safe communities.

Olds supports: 

  • Accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid – which will add $1billion to the healthcare system, create over 16,000 new jobs, allow workers to receive preventive healthcare and remain in the labor force longer and to save our rural hospitals.
  • 100 percent fully funding public school systems based on the Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP), the State Public Educations Board and the State Constitution. Advocating for a vocational route for special needs students and students with low proficiencies that will keep them in school and put them in the workforce. Support for retired educators and other retired state employees being allowed to draw their retirement while serving in the Legislature.
  • The ballot initiative should be restored and attainable.
  • The 7 percent grocery tax must be eliminated.
  • The need to invest and redirect funds from military-like operations to more specific training to protect law enforcement and civilians. This includes more mental health training preparing them for specific calls and for their wellbeing. 

“The quality of life in Mississippi is based on healthcare, education, jobs, fair wages, infrastructure and safe communities,” said Olds.  “Quite frankly, Mississippi is suffering in all these categories due to the arrogance of the past eight years of the “Trump Super Majority” in Jackson. I am a candidate to bring a positive and significant change to all DeSoto County and in Mississippi. I ask, I listen, I think. I act independently based on facts. I am not a rubber stamp nor another ‘me too.’”

David Olds

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