Mustang, Patriot wrestlers among state’s best

Photo: Center Hill wrestlers watch action from a double-dual meet during the 2021-22 season. (Bob Bakken/ file photo)

The Mississippi Wrestling Federation has released its first rankings of high school wrestlers in the state. Center Hill and Lewisburg are the DeSoto County Schools that compete in wrestling and a number of their wrestlers are among those found in the rankings.  Rankings are listed under weight divisions.


  1. Jayden Gibson, Oxford
  2. *Quinton Carroll, Vancleave
  3. Heisman Murphy, Ocean Springs
  4. Jake Stewart, Tupelo


  1. Colton Parnell, Lewisburg
  2. Zadd Alowdi, Oxford
  3. Porter Vaughn, Tupelo
  4. Bryce Rainey, Ocean Springs


  1. *Gabe Shanks, Ocean Springs
  2. Will Parnell, Lewisburg
  3. Chase Alspaugh, Vancleave
  4. Hunter Woodson, Picayune


  1. Logan Bradley, Lewisburg
  2. Garon Murley, Center Hill
  3. Jayden Polkey, Picayune
  4. Luke Hale, North Pontotoc


  1. *Garner Taylor, Ocean Springs
  2. Mark Borgers, Lewisburg
  3. Xander Dock, Center Hill
  4. Tripp Nowlin, Saltillo


  1. *Lucas Hall, Ocean Springs
  2. Cole Daugherty, Vancleave
  3. Cooper Warren, North Pontotoc
  4. Joey Fisher, Lewisburg


  1. Anthony Suddeth, St. Martins
  2. *Blayne Patrick, Vancleave
  3. Tyler Robinson, Lewisburg
  4. Jared Barr, Ocean Springs


  1. *Gabe Beemon, Ocean Springs
  2. Landon Ward, North Pontotoc
  3. Liam Coffey, St. Andrews
  4. Jonathan Hopes, Center Hill


  1. Mike Wilbanks, North Pontotoc
  2. Grayson Baxter, Center Hill
  3. Ethan Driver, Ocean Springs
  4. Austin Morgan, St. Andrews


  1. *Elijah Carwyle, North Pontotoc
  2. Barrett Dempsey, Center Hill
  3. Garvan Leo, St. Andrews
  4. Mason Kleist, Vancleave


  1. Elijah Thompson, Ocean Springs
  2. Blayne Brawner, Center Hill
  3. Blake McGloflin, North Pontotoc
  4. Brandon Myhand, Saltillo


  1. *Trent Schlosberg, Ocean Springs
  2. Nate Taylor, Center Hill
  3. Frank stark, North Pontotoc
  4. Case Kinkade, Saltillo


  1. Anthony King, Center Hill
  2. Connor Scroggins, Saltillo
  3. Angel Maciel, Ocean Springs
  4. Turner Smith, St Andrews


  1. Caleb Davis, North Pontotoc
  2. Xavier Smith, Ocean Springs
  3. Trenton McNeer, Vancleave
  4. Marcos Chrestman, South Pontotoc

(*) denote returning state champion.

Bob Bakken

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