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DCS schools adding artificial football turf surfaces

A view of the Southaven High School football turf surface. Lewisburg is also adding turf this summer ahead of the football season’s start in August. (Mayor Musselwhite on Facebook)

Lewisburg and Southaven high school football programs are joining what Pool Field at Olive Branch High School has already had over the past several years: artificial turf to play on.  

The DeSoto County School District had earlier given the go-ahead for all eight of the public high schools to have turf on their football surfaces.  

Over the next few years, all of the fields will revert to turf surfaces instead of the current grass surfaces.  Lewisburg and Southaven are the first schools to have turf installed over the summer ahead of the football season’s start in August.  

It also means that DeSoto County Schools is beginning to catch up with other major high schools in north Mississippi, most notably the ‘blue’ turf installed a few years back at Tupelo. 

Among the advantages of artificial turf are the following: Modern artificial turfs cause less friction between the skin and playing surface and cool down faster than natural grass, resulting in fewer cuts, burns, abrasion, twisted ankles, and other injuries. The surface remains even, and its texture does not change to provide a safer and pleasant experience.

While there was a cost associated with installation, artificial turf services are less costly and more efficient to maintain over time. Other sports can also use the turf surfaces. For instance, Olive Branch uses the Pool Field surface for soccer, in addition to football.

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