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McNary: Women’s History Month Showcase

By Loretta McNary

As we step into Women’s History Month, it’s time to celebrate the incredible women who lead, educate, and make a difference in our communities and beyond. This month is not just about recounting the historical accomplishments of women but also about celebrating the ongoing contributions of women leaders, business owners, and volunteers who shape our present and future.

Did you know Women’s History Month started out as Women’s History Week, beginning as a local celebration in Santa Rosa, California in 1978? Courageous women took a stand and invited others to support and share the countless contributions of women on a national level, thus creating lots of momentum, leading to the establishment of the first Women’s History Week.

In February 1980, a presidential proclamation was issued by President Jimmy Carter officially declaring that the week starting March 8, 1980, would be known as National Women’s History Week. Five years later, after being petitioned by the National Women’s History Project, Congress declared March as Women’s History Month, dedicating the entire month to celebrating the achievements and contributions of women across all facets of life. (Fun Fact, International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 08. International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the remarkable strides women have made socially, economically, culturally, and politically.)

Loretta McNary

Women’s History Month serves as a reminder of the tremendous strides women have made towards fairness and inclusion, while simultaneously shining a light on the work still needed to achieve full gender equality. It’s a time to reflect on the many barriers women have overcome, to celebrate our achievements, and inspire the next generation of women leaders, entrepreneurs, and volunteers to be bold, united, and philanthropic.

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we are excited to announce our showcase of women who are making a mark in leadership, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. This initiative will honor the incredible women who, through their resilience, innovation, and compassion, are continuously making significant contributions. 

Each week in March, we will highlight several amazing women as part of our 2024 Women’s History Month Showcase.

One key theme we wish to emphasize during Women’s History Month is the value of collaboration over competition. In a world that often thrives off individuals and businesses competing against each other, curating a culture of collaboration can lead to greater achievements, innovation, and societal progress. When women support each other, share resources, and work together, we all win. Collaborative efforts not only accelerate individual success but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable society.

The stories of women collaborating, whether in boardrooms, community centers, or global initiatives, remind us of the resilient power of collective action. These collaborations are not just mutually beneficial; they’re vitally important for overcoming the unique challenges women face in many aspects of life and work. By championing these stories of cooperation and mutual support, we hope to inspire more women to reach out, connect, and build together.

Recognizing and celebrating women’s achievements during Women’s History Month—and beyond—plays a critical role in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future. It’s about giving credit where it’s due, but it’s also about setting the stage for future generations of women to dream big dreams, break barriers, and pursue their goals without limitations.

Our homage to women leaders, entrepreneurs, and volunteers is more than just a monthly celebration; it’s a CIA- a call to action. It’s an invitation to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of women in our lives, to support their endeavors, and to collaborate towards a future where gender equality is not just a great idea, but a reality.

Join us as we take this opportunity to applaud the incredible women around us and to encourage and prepare more women to step into roles of leadership and authority. Together, we can continue to remove stumbling blocks, establish new paths, and create a world where everyone has the opportunity to grow and flourish.

As we embark on this month-long salute, we invite you to join us in honoring the women who lead, innovate, and serve with dedication. Starting today you can nominate a woman whose story deserves to be told, you’re not only recognizing her achievements but also contributing to a larger narrative of awareness, empowerment and equality.

We believe in the power of public recognition to uplift and inspire others; especially the unsung heroes who prefer to fly under the radar. That’s why we’re calling on you to nominate remarkable women to be featured in our Women’s History Month Highlight. Whether they’re breaking new ground in their careers, leading organizations with vision and courage, launching and growing businesses, or dedicating their time and energy to causes that make a difference, we want to share their stories.

To nominate someone, please submit a 75-word response explaining why they deserve to be included in our Showcase. Share their achievements, impact, and how they embody the spirit of collaboration and leadership. Nominations can be submitted through our DeSoto County News website or send an email to The last day to nominate someone is Friday March 22 at 5:00 pm CST.

Let’s make this year’s Women’s History Month a powerful celebration and acknowledgement of women near and far, who are making history every day. Nominate a deserving woman today, and let’s honor the outstanding contributions, that women make to create a kinder, healthier and progressing world for everyone. 

Loretta McNary is our Lifestyles contributor. Catch “The Loretta McNary Show” on her channels, including broadcast TV, YouTube, Facebook, her website, and elsewhere.

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