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The Fitness Court comes to Horn Lake

Photo: Part of The Fitness Court exercise area at Latimer Lakes Park in Horn Lake. (Bob Bakken/

It looks like an aesthetic art form at the east end of Horn Lake’s Latimer Lakes Park at first glimpse. But in reality it is a fitness park that is almost ready for use. 

The area, called The Fitness Court, is a concept that comes from the National Fitness Campaign of San Francisco, California. The city received a grant for a large portion of the project.  The Horn Lake court joins Jackson and Clarksdale as home communities for the Court.  

Once completed, people can come out and exercise, work out and train outside at The Fitness Court. 

Areas of the court address agility, squat, push, lunge, pull, core, and bend movements said to benefit overall health.  

The Fitness Court calls itself the “World’s Best Outdoor Gym.” The National Fitness Campaign is a wellness consulting firm said to be on “a mission to change the health outcomes in America.” Over 5,000 Fitness Courts have opened across the country.

Learn more about National Fitness Campaign and The Fitness Court at the website.  

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