Desoto County News

Scam alert from Sheriff’s Department

Someone has been calling DeSoto County residents claiming to be a detective with the Sheriff’s Department, but the Sheriff’s Department says it’s all part of the latest scam attempt.

The caller apparently is using real names of department employees and the phone number that shows on the caller ID appears to be legitimate.

However, the department urges those who receive the calls should hang up and not give the caller money.

According to the Sheriff’s Department:

  • No deputy or police officer will ever ask for money or personal information over the phone claiming that you have a warrant, missed jury duty, or bond for a relative.
  • No legitimate organization or agency will take payment via CashApp, Venmo, gift cards, Western Union, bank transfer, etc.
  • Don’t answer numbers that you don’t recognize.

If you receive a scam call, report it to your local law enforcement agency.