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Olive Branch releases 2022 crime statistics

Out of over 37,000 calls for service to the Olive Branch Police Department during the 2022 calendar year, only one was for a fatal shooting. 

Crime statistics obtained by DeSoto County News from the police department show a total of 37,403 calls for service in 2022.  Of that number, just one was a homicide. In that incident, Timothy Malik Newsom was arrested in connection with a triple shooting in early December that killed one person and wounded two others. 

However, domestic violence incidents were recorded the most in Olive Branch with 212 calls recorded. Simple assault was next with 197 calls, followed by petit larceny next with 183 calls, and shoplifting resulted in 172 calls to the police department.  

Other calls to the police department in 2022 ranged from auto burglary at 88, stolen vehicle calls at 73, and grand larceny at 61. 

There were 33 residential burglary calls, and 18 aggravated assault calls.  Total arrests made by the police department were 1,894.

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