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Olive Branch Police removes officer decertified in Tennessee from force

A former police officer in Collierville who had just been hired in Olive Branch is now decertified in Tennessee and out of a job in Olive Branch. 

DeMario Pree was facing disciplinary action when he left Collierville earlier this year and next found employment with the Olive Branch Police Department. 

Mayor Ken Adams with DeMario Pree after Pree’s hiring in Olive Branch (City of Olive Branch/Facebook)

According to the Olive Branch Police Department’s Facebook page, Pree had been sworn into office about two weeks ago. 

Thursday, Pree was scheduled to appear before the Tennessee Police Officer Standards and Training Commission for a hearing, but he did not appear. His scheduled appearance was even set for last on the agenda to allow him time to appear, but he did not. When he did not appear for the hearing, the commission voted to decertify Pree, which means he can no longer work in Tennessee. 

Thursday evening, a news release from the City of Olive Branch announced that Pree was also no longer part of that city’s police department, after they were made aware of Pree’s Tennessee’s decertification.

There has been no explanation about the circumstances surrounding Pree’s disciplinary action in Collierville or what resulted in him being decertified.