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Olive Branch leads cities in global assessed value

Olive Branch city officials say the latest information on global assessed value is indicative that people and businesses keep wanting to locate in the DeSoto County city.  

The city’s assessed value for the year is $869.5 million, which is a 9.25 percent increase from 2022.  

The valuation is calculated with value estimates of property, automobiles, utilities, and mobile homes. 

The total assessed value of all cities in DeSoto County and unincorporated areas for 2023 was $2.53 billion, indicating that Olive Branch accounts for over 34 percent of the total assessed value of all DeSoto County. 

“It is indicative that people and businesses continue to desire to locate in Olive Branch due to the amenities of the city,” said Mayor Ken Adams. “We have a good mixture of residential, commercial and industrial properties that propels growth.  Cities are like churches, companies and social organizations and they either grow or fall behind. Many cities starving for growth would like the opportunities Olive Branch enjoys.”

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