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Northwest Entertainers Concert “Love & Betrayal” April 18

By Sarah Smith, NWCC

Northwest Mississippi Community College’s pop-acapella group, the Northwest Entertainers, is performing their spring concert “Love and Betrayal” at the Heindl Center on April 18 at 7 p.m. Admission is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

“The theme for the upcoming Entertainers Concert is centered around the emotional journey of love and betrayal,” said Assistant Director of Choral Activities Lacey Halley. “The performance will narrate the story of love’s inception, the challenges faced, the pain of love lost, and ultimately finding hope and redemption. It’s a narrative that captures the complexities and non-linear nature of love and grief.”

The performance will be broken into two parts–the first half is the love segment focusing on songs that embody beauty, passion and joy. Patrons will recognize songs from the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Etta James and Lana Del Rey.

The second half is the betrayal segment that dives into the themes of betrayal, heartbreak and overcoming adversity. The group will be singing heartbreaking pop ballads from artists like Hozier, Adele and Demi Lovato.

The preparation for these concerts helps students develop their artistic skills, their rehearsal focus, and develop mastery over those skills.

Halley describes this as “where talent meets charisma” of vibrant singers who work on their exceptional talents and hone their charisma to give a stunning performance.

“The Entertainers at NWCC are more than just performers,” Halley said. “They are storytellers, comedians, and artists who bring a unique blend of talent, charisma, and creativity to the stage. Their infectious energy and genuine love for entertaining ensure that every moment spent with them is filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories.”

Halley said that the Entertainers are excited to welcome the Northwest community and beyond to come out to this show. This show is a product of creativity, love and light. Halley said it has been produced with laughter, tears, and a little bit of everything in between.

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