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Horn Lake offers Career and Health Fair

Photo: Several companies and health services were on hand in the Horn Lake City Hall lobby on Friday, March 3. (Bob Bakken/

If you’re looking for a new job or looking to consider a variety of health options, an event at Horn Lake City Hall Friday gave you a chance to review both. 

The City of Horn Lake offered a “Career and Health Fair.” with as many as 16 companies and concerns on hand to answer questions. Those who were there ranged from Amazon and FedEx, to dental clinics, home health care services, Small Business Development and a travel and tour company.  

“The purpose is to bring our community out to see what services our community is offering, as well as to potentially find a new career with excellent benefits and retirement,” said City Human Resources and Community Development Director Arianne “AJ” Linville.  

The available crop of eligible job seekers, along with those who have chosen to not work or work from home, makes employment a continued challenge. Mississippi’s unemployment rate in December 2022 was at four percent and stores constantly have “Help Wanted” signs out looking for new workers.  

“Everyone is having the same problems that we’re having,” Linville said. “We have trouble finding good employees.” 

Linville touts the many benefits Horn Lake offers its city employees. She believes the benefits package is among the most attractive available at the municipal level.  

“Between the free paid insurance, they get holidays,” Linville said. “We get up to 12-14 paid holidays a year, vacation and sick time. We have a great benefits package for all of our employees.”

But for this unique combination of career and health fair, Linville said it was meant to let residents be better informed about what was out there.  

“We wanted to bring our citizens together as well as our employees and offer something that the citizens can get something out of as well as our employees,” Linville said. 

For more information about what the city offers potential employees, Linville may be contacted at City Hall.  

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