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Hernando woman adopts six siblings with GofundMe help

Photo: Amanda Perry and the Hernando Six Pack. (Courtesy GoFundMe)  

The public has come forward in a big way to help a Hernando woman who is adopting six children to keep the half-siblings from being split by the state.  

Amanda Perry has taken care of the children for three years, but now was faced with having to adopt the youngsters to keep them together.  She said she hasn’t regretted stepping out to care for the children after she had already raised a family.  

 “I went from an empty nest to the sound of 12 little feet overnight,” Perry said. “I may not have splurged and gotten them every single thing they’ve wanted but not one day have we gone without what we’ve needed. I have never really had to ask for monetary assistance because I get up and work my tail off every single day for these babies to have a proper living.”

Perry said she has never missed work, has budgeted and uses extreme coupons “like it’s my job.” 

“These children are loved beyond belief, they have a village behind them, they are in a safe environment and will never have to worry about being neglected, homeless, abused or hungry again if I have anything to do with it,”

Legally adopting the six together would amount to about $20,000, so Perry turned to a GoFundMe page for help. The community came together and as of July 19 had donated nearly $37,000 for the group now known as the “Hernando Six Pack.”  

You can view her page and donate to Amanda Perry and her family on her GoFundMe page.  

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