Gas prices start creeping up again

If you haven’t noticed, gas prices have been inching back upward in recent weeks. 

Regular unleaded gasoline in Mississippi is still among the lowest in the nation, with an average price on Saturday of $3.021 a gallon.  That is higher, however, than Friday’s average of $3.018 and $2.955 one week ago. The state average is still lower than one month ago and one year ago, when the pump prices were $3.071 and $4,013, respectively.  

Saturday, the DeSoto County average price was just over $3 a gallon at $3.007 a gallon. 

“Less expensive oil and fewer people fueling usually combine to lower pump prices,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, “However, there is some upward pricing pressure at the moment due to the switch to summer blend gasoline, which may add about five to ten cents per gallon. But if demand and oil costs remain low, this recent price bounce may fade.”

On Thursday, Mississippi was the least expensive market for gasoline in the country at $3.00 a gallon. Missouri was next at $3.05, Texas at $3.06, along with Arkansas and Oklahoma at $3.08 a gallon. 

The lowest reported prices in DeSoto County, according to, are found on its website.

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