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Fewer people make resolutions but more commit to them

Americans may be less likely to make resolutions as the clock strikes 12 midnight and the New Year begins tonight. But a poll says those who do make resolutions are more optimistic about better things in 2022. 

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone poll of 1,000 Americans finds that 44 percent of adults say they will not be making any New Year’s resolutions this year. Forty-three percent will not make New Year’s resolutions, while another 13 percent aren’t sure. 

At the same time, an Economist/YouGov poll put the percentages even lower, finding that one in four Americans will make New Year’s resolutions, but younger people are more likely to make a commitment in 2022.  

Two in five respondents under age 30 will make a resolution on New Year’s Eve, while 14 percent of those over age 65 plan to do so and 70 percent said they definitely will not make a resolution. 

But what will they resolve to do? The Economist/YouGov study found 23 percent will resolve to be healthier and 21 percent want to make personal improvements. Twenty percent will resolve to lose weight.  

Now the big question is, will those resolutions be followed on? Have a Happy New Year!

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