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DeSoto County among most generous in state

A new study indicates that DeSoto County is among the most generous counties in Mississippi.  

The study comes from SmartAsset, which used IRS data to rank the top 10 counties by what is given and how many people give to charities.  

“The study takes into account charitable contributions as a percentage of net income and the proportion of taxpayers that made a charitable contribution of any amount in a given county,” SmartAsset wrote on its website.  

The study measures how much people donate in relation to their net income and the proportion of people in each county who make charitable donations.  

DeSoto County was ranked fourth among the state’s top 10 generous counties.  Contributions as a percentage of income in the county was listed at 1.82 percent and DeSoto County earned a Charitable County Indes of 37.40.  

Madison County was ranked number one in the state, followed by Lafayette at number two. Hinds County was ranked third in front of DeSoto County.  

Wilkinson, Rankin, Lee, Oktibbeha, Lamar, and Warren counties completed the top 10, in that order.  

As a state, Mississippi contributions as a percentage of income is at 1.26 percent. 

More details on the study are found on the SmartAsset website.  

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