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Bridge replacement work continues in Tate County

A $52.5 million dollar project to replace four bridges on Interstate 55 at Hickahala Creek continues in Tate County. The project includes construction of new northbound and southbound bridges over Hickahala Creek and the Hickahala relief area. The northbound bridges are being built on a new alignment.

“I’ve been watching the contractor diligently working to stay ahead of schedule and keep traffic flowing,” said Northern District Transportation Commissioner John Caldwell. “I’ve also seen too many vehicles speeding through as if it was not an active construction zone.”

Crews have completed construction of the two bridges in the northbound lanes of I-55 and traffic has been transferred into those lanes. Northbound traffic is set in the new alignment.  Southbound traffic has been transferred onto the old northbound lanes of I-55. Foundation and substructure work is ongoing on the bridge over Hickahala Creek. Placement of steel beams on the bridge will start within 30 days. The contractor has finished pouring the concrete deck of the bridge over Hickahala relief. They are now doing earthwork and grading to bring the roadway up to the elevation of the new bridge.

The project was awarded to W.G. Yates & Son Construction Company of Jackson. This project is set to be completed in the fall of 2022.

Photo: Overhead view of the Hickahala Creek bridge replacement project in Tate County. (MDOT Photo)

One thought on “Bridge replacement work continues in Tate County

  • Linda Randle

    As for the bridge reconstruction in Tate County on I-55, if the Highway Patrol would PATROL that area there would not be so many speeders!
    I set my cruise control on 60 mph through there and almost get ran over DAILY! No one slows for this area! MHP PATROL please???
    Thank you


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