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U.S. missing pet numbers spike by 49 percent in summer

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month and data analysis by the organization PetRadar has revealed a 49 percent increase of missing pets reported in the United States during the summer months compared to winter.

As the chart shows, the U.S. saw a significant jump in reported lost pets during the summer compared to the rest of the year. From the 120,000 missing pets reported to PetRadar, the team has seen a similar trend around the world, highlighting just how dangerous the season can be for pets.

David Olthaar, organization’s founder, explains this trend, “Pets are creatures of habit and are more likely to run away when their routines change. So, when people go on holiday and leave them with a sitter, they can panic. Alongside this, windows and doors are likely to be opened in hot weather, creating the perfect escape route for an adventurous pet! You can also expect the 4th July fireworks to trigger your pet’s fight-or-flight instinct, causing them to run away.”

With thousands of furry friends facing danger this summer, it’s essential that owners know how to keep them safe.

Here are tips for National Lost Pet Prevention Month to help the pet parents of the US:

  • Get your pet microchipped
  • Ensure they wear a collar with an ID tag
  • Opt for a GPS tracker
  • Use a familiar friend or family member for pet sitting
  • Keep your pet in a secure area when doors and windows are open

More tips and information can be found in the Complete Guide for National Lost Pet Prevention Month 2024 from PetRadar.