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End dates announced for Lottery scratch off games

The Mississippi Lottery Corporation has announced the official end date for 10 scratch-off games. Friday, Oct. 1 will be the last day to purchase or sell the games. Players have until Thursday, Dec. 30 to redeem valid prizes for following games:

  • Game #12—Mega Ca$h 
  • Game #19—Solid Gold
  • Game #20—Mississippi Limited
  • Game #30—Cash to Go
  • Game #32—Bonus Crossword
  • Game #42—Double Match
  • Game #45—Holiday Treasures
  • Game #46—Holiday Cash
  • Game #50—Bingo
  • Game #56—Lucky Green Tripler
  • 2nd Chance Promotional Drawing Date

Five of the scratch-off games ending are eligible for the next 2nd Chance Promotional drawing: Double Match, Holiday Treasures, Holiday Cash, Bingo and Lucky Green Tripler. The 2nd Chance Promotional Drawing for these games will occur on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022. 

Players have until Thursday, Dec. 30, 2021, to enter their non-winning tickets to qualify. Check the Mississippi Lottery Corporation’s 2nd Chance website for further details after the drawing has occurred.

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