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Olive Branch to start “Paint A Hydrant” program

Photo: The fire hydrant at resident Ed Crumpler’s home in Olive Branch. (Bob Bakken/

An Olive Branch resident wanted to spruce up his yard and decided the fire hydrant placed in his yard near the street needed a paint job, so he did just that and sent photos to the City. 

Instead of getting in trouble for that, Ed Crumpler’s paint inspiration has inspired the City to use the idea on other fire hydrants in Olive Branch.  

Mayor Ken Adams announced to the Board of Alderman Tuesday night his plans to implement the Paint-A-Hydrant program in June through September this year. 

Adams said this will be an opportunity for students in Olive Branch to display their artistic talent across the city.  

Adams said several departments have worked together to make the project happen.  

“Renderings will need to be approved in advance,” Adams told aldermen Tuesday night. “We’ve worked with the fire department, communications, public works, and legal to make sure we’re doing all of the things we need to do and not painting parts of the fire hydrant that might be an issue.”  

Students in Olive Branch wanting to paint a fire hydrant will be asked to provide a sketch design, which must be approved in advance by the City. There are specific guidelines available to be provided for students to follow.  

Mayor Adams said this is a unique and low-cost opportunity to brighten a resident’s day as they drive past fresh painted artwork on fire hydrants. 

The City of Olive Branch’s Citizen Beautification Committee is also making this a priority as they continue to enhance public areas. The idea to paint hydrants was instituted after Crumpler, an avid supporter of the City, painted the hydrant in front of his home and sent pictures to Mayor Adams. 

Details on the Paint A Hydrant program, as well as a link to the application form, are available on the City of Olive Branch website.