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Northwest celebrates ACUE Cohort

Northwest Mississippi Community College honored their faculty that completed their Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) certification were honored on February 1 at the Haraway Center on the Senatobia campus.

Northwest had 26 complete the ACUE certification. ACUE is proven to increase retention with first year students through their “Effective Teaching Practice Framework” which helps propel student success.

“As I reflect on ACUE practices, I look at my relationship with the students in my class. ACUE helped me refine my approach to many of the assignments and methods of instruction in my course,” said James Sims of DeSoto County, business instructor.

This year all three schools (Health Sciences, Career-Technical Education, and Academic) were represented in the group of those who finished and there were those from every campus at Northwest.

The recipients of this honor is Linda Parham of DeSoto County; Beth Dickerson of Tate County; Denise Willis of DeSoto County; Sheena Etherton of Tate County; Jennifer Hale of Tate County; Sandra Smith of Shelby County, TN; Amanda Wilson of Tate County; Mary Bonds of Tate County; Melissa Cannon of Panola County; Jarrod Calloway of Tate County; Courtney Hicks of DeSoto County; Lisa Strong of Panola County; Bradford Farrow of DeSoto County; Brittney Smith of DeSoto County; James Sims of DeSoto County; Matt Johnson of Lafayette County; Maya Berry of DeSoto County; Patricia Lester of Marshall County; Robert McPherson of DeSoto County; Teandrea Jones of DeSoto County; William Mounger of DeSoto County; Phillip Correro of Tate County; Melissa Evans of DeSoto County; Ashley Coey of DeSoto County; Fisher Fleming-Hicks of Mississippi County, AR; Angel Nickens of Tate County; Chris Twilley of Tate County; Leelee Haraway of Tate County; Cathy Wilburn of Lafayette County; and Melissa Wright of Tate County.

This curriculum helps faculty reach more students effectively and boost retention.

“It would be hard for me to pick my favorite tool that I learned or refined through ACUE because I can honestly say that I was able to take one or two teaching practices from each ACUE micro-course that became my favorite tools used to improve my online courses,” said Mathematics instructor, Jennifer Hale of Tate County.

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