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Holiday shopping safety tips

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department has shared some shopping safety tips for the holiday season.

While holiday shopping, it’s essential for shoppers to prioritize safety while buying gifts for their loved ones. Crowded parking lots, outlets, and online transactions create an environment where precaution is vital. 

The Sheriff’s Department hopes these tips will ensure residents have peace of mind as they shop during this time of the year. 

In Store Shopping

  • Don’t leave anything in your car that can be visible from the outside, especially bags and boxes that have logos on them. Place these in an area out of sight, such as your trunk. Always remember to lock your vehicle as you head into the store. 
  • Shopping alone can make you an “easy target,” so shop in pairs or groups. Do not carry big purses or large amounts of cash. 
  • Before you leave the store and head into the parking lot, have your keys in hand. 
  • Always keep your cell phone charged and pay close attention to your surroundings. Be observant of people and vehicles in parking lots. 

Online Shopping 

  • Only make purchases from trusted sites that you have used in the past. When possible, use disposable credit cards or gift cards to make purchases. 
  • Keep your personal information private and your password secure. 
  • Save all receipts, as well as printing all confirmations of your online purchases. 

The Sheriff’s Department encourages residents to call them if you see anything suspicious during this time of holiday shopping. They also attest that your safety is their number one priority. 

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