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Four-H archery facility planned for Agri-Education Center

Archers and shooting sports enthusiasts in DeSoto County 4-H can soon take aim at a new home to practice their skills. 

During the County Board of Supervisors meeting Monday morning, March 6, there was discussion about working with the Mississippi State University Extension Service to set up a facility location for 4-Hers to learn about them.  

During the discussion, the initial proposal was to put both archery and shooting sports at the future Agri-Education Center on Starlanding Road west of U.S. Highway 51. However, shooting sports would require an indoor facility and it would run into some ordinance requirements with the City of Southaven because the land is inside the Southaven city limits.  

The final determination was that archery could be located at the Agri-Education Center and the Extension Service be directed to work with the Boys Scouts of America to use a facility at the Scouts’ Camp Currier in Eudora.  

According to county official Ray Laughter, demand and interest in archery and shooting sports by 4-Hers has seen a strong growth.  

“They have close to 300 people who are participating in shooting sports and archery this year,” Laughter said. “They’re looking for a spot that can handle that kind of traffic with all of their people participating, so they approached us about a place at the future Agri-Education Center.”

Supervisor Lee Caldwell said she was excited about seeing this become the first facility at the Agri-Education Center, which she has been a strong supporter of.  

“It’s a good, convenient place to be,” Caldwell said.  “The interest has grown so much and people will see they will have a good, safe place to practice.  Setting up for archery is going to be the very first thing to go up on this property.”

Once a building is set up there, equipment and materials can be stored there.  Bid letting for the facility could take place next month.   

“It will probably be a few weeks to get everything worked out,” Laughter said. “We have to get a MOU (Memo of Understanding) in place between the Board of Supervisors and the Extension Service and I’m sure the Boy Scouts will have to do something with the Extension Service, as well.”

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